SUEZ is a recognised global leader in water and waste technologies and solutions, driving process optimisation and resource conservation for our industrial customers across five continents.
Our solutions 

Offering a range of tailored water solutions for industrial needs

SUEZ is dedicated to improving our customers’ economic and environmental performance. Our diverse and flexible offerings span the full water and wastewater cycle, from the provision of clean drinking water to the treatment of effluent and management of biosolids.
Your needs

Focusing on your business, economic, and environmental challenges

We’re proud of our customer-centric business philosophy, and have a strong track record in offering practical solutions for the evolving challenges facing industrial water resources management.
By developing a deep understanding of your business and the economic and environmental challenges it faces, we can help you secure production continuity and access to resources, improve operational efficiency, competitiveness, and brand equity, minimise risk and downstream impact and enhance resource recovery and asset protection.
Our culture

Compliance, partnership and innovation

SUEZ is an active participant in the knowledge-sharing economy facilitated by technological innovation. Safety, collaboration and innovation are at the heart of our business.
Making EHSQ a competitive advantage
EHSQ is a top priority for SUEZ and we strive for excellence in this area across all our operations, from enhancing the wellbeing of our employees to reducing emissions and protecting the environment.

Balancing your long-term goals with short-term needs
Because we are a full service provider, we can offer integrated partnership models incorporating  master service agreements, flexible delivery models and open book contracts. Each service and agreement is tailored to your specific needs for reduced complexity, cost and risk.

Increasing innovation capability
Behind everything we do is a culture of innovation, collaboration and knowledge sharing. We pioneer smart digital solutions that offer greater insights for maximised resource recovery, asset performance and environmental outcomes. We co-create solutions and pilot them with our customers to set new benchmarks in sustainable resource management.

Our people

Solving the world’s most complex industrial water challenges

Our passionate team is committed to delivering quality outcomes for our customers.
Solving the world’s most complex industrial water challenges requires people with the right knowledge and experience. Our employees are professionals in their field, supported by continuous training and development programs and fulfilling career development opportunities. We help them be the best they can be so they better support our customers to reach their business goals.

Our people work hard to understand your challenges and work with you as a strategic business partner to optimise your performance.