Industrial wastewater effluent treatment

Ensuring wastewater is managed, treated and safely discharged within regulatory standards is a critical element in many industrial processes. SUEZ optimises all stages of the effluent treatment process to protect operational efficiency, site safety and the environment.
Your challenges

Ensuring effluent is managed, treated and discharged safely

Water is a crucial part of every industrial process, linked to product quality, equipment longevity and economic performance. Best practice in effluent treatment demands that businesses purify, recycle and discharge water in a way that maximises natural resources and ensures regulatory compliance, within an increasingly tough economic climate.
Our solutions

Achieving new standards in effluent treatment processes

SUEZ understands the diverse challenges of your business, adapting our solutions to the specific needs of each industry and site.

Improving operational efficiency and compliance

We offer a complete range of solutions across chemical, equipment and services, with innovative membranes that reduce your energy consumption and operational footprint. We partner with our customers to meet ever-increasing environmental, regulatory, and financial pressures and ensure safety and compliance.

Treating severely impaired water

SUEZ is equipped to handle a diversity of pollutants to ensure the quality of discharged effluents, constantly adapting our solutions to ensure the best possible outcomes. Our focus on optimisation and best practice operation and maintenance of facilities empowers sustainable solutions for effluent treatment whilst safeguarding natural water resources such as rivers and lakes.

Flexible contract models

SUEZ offers a wide range of commercial contract models, each tailored to the individual effluent treatment needs of your business and its sites. Our offerings range from equipment hire right through to packaged solutions for design, build, operation, maintenance and finance.
Our references

They trust us

SUEZ has built 2200 effluent treatment plants worldwide, with proven experience in physico-chemical treatment, aerobic treatment, anaerobic biological treatment, biological systems and membrane technologies.

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Our innovations

Solving your toughest water and process challenges in effluent treatment

SUEZ’s water technologies and solutions enable optimal effluent treatment, allowing you to discharge safe, treated water and discover new reuse opportunities.

Anaerobic waste and wastewater treatment

Our anaerobic technologies maximise plant efficiency in effluent treatment operations by reducing energy usage and offering greater control of associated costs, powering the transition from significant energy user to energy producer.

LEAPmbr* wastewater membrane bioreactor

The most advanced MBR solution on the market, LEAPmbr uses our leading ZeeWeed* membrane to help you increase your productivity, reduce your footprint for lower construction costs, simplify your design through streamlined equipment and controls and achieve significant energy savings.

Removal of heavy metals from wastewater

Metals in waste streams don't naturally degrade, and even at low concentrations are toxic to aquatic life. Our effluent treatment programs for industrial facility operators remove soluble and particulate heavy metals, such as lead, copper, chromium, iron, manganese, mercury, nickel and zinc, helping you ensure regulatory compliance and minimise environmental harm.