Our contract models

At SUEZ, we understand that every customer has differing challenges and requirements. Our ‘building block’ approach to contract models enables us to offer the solutions and service levels that work best for your business, from simply supplying equipment through to taking responsibility for all aspects of your project, end-to-end.
Our models 

Flexibly engaging with clients

We bring global capabilities and more than 150 years’ experience to solving our customers’ toughest water, wastewater and process challenges, with flexible contract models for every situation.
SUEZ is a strategic partner for your business, with a range of contract models tailored to meet your unique requirements.

Technology provider
We are experts in developing and designing process solutions and in the design, manufacture and supply of core technology and equipment. We offer comprehensive technical advice to ensure efficient installation and commissioning of equipment and processes.

Design and build
SUEZ is a recognised specialist in engineering, procurement and construction. Our design and build model offers full control over all aspects of the design and build process, offering certainty of process performance and complete management of the engineering, procurement or construction delivery. We also have proven expertise in the delivery of smaller projects.

Operation and maintenance
We can offer full operation and maintenance of new and existing water and wastewater treatment assets, with a focus on continuous improvement to optimise asset management, boost efficiency and compliance and reduce costs. It can also include regular servicing to perform cleans (CIP), replace membranes, and manage chemical supplies. Our cloud based asset management monitoring system, InSight, enables us to remotely monitor your plant performance and provide early advice on technical and performance issues when required.

Build, Own, Operate and Transfer (BOOT) encompasses design and build, operations, asset ownership and financing arrangements, ideal for projects requiring a private partner to be fully involved in every aspect of the project. Under the BOOT model, the customer engages SUEZ to establish and own the water or wastewater treatment facility, with the well-maintained plant transferred to you in excellent running order at the conclusion of the contract.  

SUEZ offers leasing terms on our standard package equipment to customers seeking to access to our equipment without having to make a significant capital investment, with the option to lease with or without a maintenance or service option.

We have one of the world’s largest fleet of mobile containerised water and wastewater treatment equipment, available for hire or lease in emergencies or for short, medium, or long term contracts. Equipment lease or hire contracts can be offered with or without a maintenance or service option.
Early Contractor Engagement
Our Early Contractor Engagement model offers open, collaborative engagement to provide you with practical, workable solutions during the development of solutions, allowing you to benefit from our process, technology and operations expertise without the associated costs of a consultant. We can help you develop and cost designs in line with the market, with flexible options for pre-feasibility studies, definitive feasibility studies, front end engineering design, piloting and laboratory test for verification and validation of design and equipment performance.