Plant productivity

At SUEZ, we apply our global expertise to find the best possible productivity solutions across a wide range of industry sectors. We take a holistic view of your industrial water cycle to design bespoke services tailored to the unique needs of your business and its assets.
Your challenges

Boosting performance and efficiency while reducing operating costs

Water is a fundamental part of manufacturing and production processes. Though every sector and site has its own unique challenges and requirements, all industries face common challenges around water shortages and water quality issues.

Plant managers seek to increase or stabilise production rates and desired product yields and decrease volumes of undesired products. They look to protect their assets, extend time between shutdowns and reduce overall operating expenses while developing and protecting the environment.
Our solutions

Powering productivity and returns through safety and efficiency

Our leading edge water and process treatment solutions are proven in the safe, efficient and profitable operation of industrial plants, protecting equipment and helping you comply with stringent discharge limits.
Advanced chemical technology for boiler and cooling systems
Our solutions include advanced chemical technologies for boiler and cooling systems to improve plant productivity. Combining patented chemistry, decades of expertise, and remote monitoring and diagnostics, our approach improves heat transfer efficiency in critical operating equipment, optimises water usage, extends run-lengths, minimises power consumption, maintenance, outages and reduces treatment costs and blowdown/discharge volume.

Refining crude oil into high-value products
SUEZ offers premium process chemistry solutions including antifoulant chemical treatment, corrosion inhibitors, finished product additives, and more. We deliver greater productivity in hydrocarbon processing, protecting valuable capital assets, maximising refinery production and reducing energy use. Our solutions help you to meet regional specifications for finished product and comply with environmental, health and safety regulations.

Real-time monitoring and domain expertise

SUEZ is a leader in smart digital technologies that protect and optimise your assets and performance. Our sophisticated automation, control, and monitoring software – TrueSense* and PaceSetter Platinum – enhance all aspects of your operation through remote monitoring, alarm management, diagnostics, real-time testing, efficient water use, consistent and accurate in chemical application, and automated alerts to events and trends before they become a threat.

Upstream oil and asset integrity and flow assurance solutions
We help upstream oil and gas producers with cost-effective solutions to control corrosion, reduce deposition, save energy, treat produced water for reuse or disposal specifications, curtail downtime, increase productivity and optimise system performance.

Mining industry solutions
SUEZ’s dust control programs include underground, service and haul road treatments to help reduce water usage and operating costs. Our chemical treatment solutions control dust emissions while achieving water reductions of up to 90 percent. Antiscalants and deposit control chemistry prevent process water streams from fouling thereby reducing downtime and costly cleaning operations.

Flexible contract models
SUEZ offers a wide range of commercial contract models each tailored to the individual needs of your business and its sites. Our offerings range from equipment hire right through to packaged solutions for design, build, operation, maintenance and finance.