Water supply and reuse

SUEZ offers proven technologies and services for the supply and reuse of water. We safeguard water reuse quality and quantity, provide new water sources, prevent water tables from dropping and protect waterways from pollution.
Your challenges

Doing more with less

Our industrial water customers face a range of challenges  associated with availability, quality, productivity, energy and environment. Meeting these evolving challenges calls for new and innovative water reuse and supply solutions.
Our solutions

Transforming the way we treat, distribute and reuse water

SUEZ is a leader in technological innovation, working to create a reliable, sustainable supply of water worldwide. Our water reuse solutions improve productivity, reliability and efficiency for our customers, all while reducing costs.

Optimising efficiency and reliability

Our solutions ensure the reliability and quality of water supply and reuse to meet the varying needs of industries, optimising efficiency and continuity of production. We optimise water quality control on new supply sources and treat wastewater for further use, allowing our customers to diversify and enhance the efficiency of plant water resources. We can also increase concentration ratios in cooling and heating systems in line with new policies on recycling or reducing virgin resource use.
SUEZ water reuse processing diagram

Protecting the environment

We treat severely impaired water by-products from the hydraulic fracturing process for reuse, mitigating the environmental impact of discharge and creating a new, self-sustaining source of freshwater. We help the mining and metals industry manage water level without discharging impurities into the environment and work with the refining industry to remove contaminants from the discharge of oil and metals for water reuse and safer discharge. The wastewater we reclaim for non-potable applications can also be used to replenish local aquifers.

Powering industrial performance

Our technologies are equipped to handle a diversity of factors, from suspended solids, salt content and scale formation in make-up water to corrosion in water supply networks, condensate recovery, and variation of concentration and heat losses in drainage water. They enable specification and control of precise quality criteria for suspended particulates, metals, micro-organisms, mineral compounds and organic polluting agents. We keep cooling systems operating at their best and prevent scale formation, corrosion and microbial transmission through technologically-advanced membranes and conditioning products.

Flexible contract models

SUEZ offers a wide range of commercial contract models, each tailored to the individual needs of your business and its sites. Our offerings range from equipment hire right through to packaged solutions for design, build, operation, maintenance and finance.
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They trust us

Our solutions service more than 5000 industrial sites to ensure reliable and secure water supply and water reuse processes that guarantee the continuity of industrial production.


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Our innovations

Creating sustainable solutions for wastewater treatment

Our Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) enables businesses to reduce energy costs and environmental impact while increasing productivity.


LEAPmbr is our most advanced membrane bioreactor solution to date, drawing on 25 years’ experience in membrane bioreactor development. The strongest, most reliable membrane in the industry, its flexible design means LEAPmbr can fit within a smaller footprint than conventional MBR technology.

LEAPmbr utilises our leading ZeeWeed* membrane to enhance wastewater treatment to offer:

  • 15 per cent boost in productivity
  • 20 per cent reduction in membrane bioreactor footprint for reduced construction costs
  • 50 per cent reduction in membrane aeration equipment and controls via simpler design, and
  • 30 per cent reduction in energy costs.