SUEZ offers engineering expertise for the design and rehabilitation of your sites for smarter operations and maintenance to boost your production and environmental performance.
Your challenges

Safe, efficient and economically viable production

The oil and gas sector – from natural gas to petroleum, drilling to refinery – faces increasing costs and regulatory requirements. Water, waste and energy play a pivotal role in meeting the challenges of a rapidly changing operating environment.

Water is a crucial element throughout the oil and gas production process, and the industry looks at smarter water treatment solutions that ensure the quality, reliability, safety and performance of water resources. It seeks new heights in energy efficiency and the safe and reliable treatment of waste products.

96 million

barrels of oil

equivalent daily global oil demand in 2015, as published by International Energy Agency
3 barrels
average amount of water produced for each barrel of oil extracted


power share provided by natural gas 

Our solutions

A complete partner in resource management

SUEZ has the expertise, technology, infrastructure and networks to support the full spectrum of the oil and gas sector’s resource management needs.

Solutions for every situation

Onshore or offshore oil producers face shared and unique challenges. SUEZ’s integrated water and waste capability enables us to serve every type of business with tailored solutions. Our smart technologies and sophisticated chemistry safeguard your water resources, while our total waste management services ensure optimal handling of a diverse range of waste streams.

Focus on safety and compliance

We work with you to achieve the highest levels of safety and compliance. Our solutions help you to meet regulations while minimising environmental impact. We stay on top of changing legislation to ensure you’re always in the loop on your obligations.

The SUEZ advantage

We’re leading the resource revolution, with more than 3000 technologists and 1660 patents opening up new avenues in research and development. We work closely with the industry to develop complete packages for our customers, improving process automation, safety, reliability and output through the best in remote monitoring, modular, pre-engineered approaches and advanced equipment and chemistry.

Upstream Oil & Gas Exploration and Production with SUEZ

Credit: SUEZ - Water Technologies & Solutions

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