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Energy production is at the heart of today's global challenges. By 2035, world energy demands will be 30 per cent higher than in 2010, with oil and gas continuing to account for a significant share. SUEZ works side-by-side with industry to rise to the challenges of tomorrow.
Your challenges

Meeting the demands of a complex and changing market

Refining and petrochemical operations face ever-growing challenges when it comes to controlling risks, meeting regulatory obligations and ensuring continuity of production while protecting the natural environment and the integrity of their brand.


To survive and thrive into the future, the industry requires solutions that improve operational efficiencies and environmental performance, minimise and control risk and ensure absolute compliance throughout every stage of the process.

employee making safety checks at petrochemical plant
100 million barrels
daily worldwide oil consumption in 2015
of the world’s energy comes from oil, and 24% from gas
Our solutions

A complete partner in resource management

For more than 50 years, SUEZ has worked with the refining industry to deliver best-in-class integrated solutions that drive efficiency, production and performance. We combine expertise, technology, infrastructure and networks with advanced research and development, enabling you to protect and optimise your assets, save energy and money and respond to changing markets.

Ensure safety and compliance and minimise risks

Safety and compliance are at the centre of everything we do. SUEZ offers customised risk assessments and tailors process, water and waste safety procedures to every site and situation.

We draw on our extensive pan-industry experience to benchmark and improve your results, and deliver ongoing safety training and communication to build a safety-first culture across your business.

Chase bold new heights in efficiency and performance

SUEZ works with you to increase your resource performance and processing flexibility through a diversity of water and waste recycling methods. We assess your water and waste footprint and develop clear pathways to reduce use, recycle more and recover new resources from waste. We also handle site remediation and decommissioning, recovering valuable resources for the circular economy.

Secure operational continuity

We bring world-leading expertise in waste and water to securing the continuity and optimal performance of your operations. SUEZ offers a wide range of on- and off-site industrial wastewater treatment services including oil removal, biological treatment and recycling, along with industrial cleaning and maintenance. We are fully equipped to handle all your hazardous and non-hazardous waste collection and transportation needs with absolute reliability and certified traceability.
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