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Construction & Demolition

SUEZ works to recover more of your waste and harness the value within, while delivering the best possible efficiency, safety, compliance, financial and environmental protection outcomes.


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SUEZ works with a wide range of public and private schools, early childhood centres, universities, colleges and more to reduce waste consumption, enhance recovery and embed sustainable living practices in the next generation.


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Food & Beverage

SUEZ offers comprehensive, sustainable commercial resource management solutions to meet the diverse needs of the food & beverage sector, from manufacturing to the reduction and disposal of food waste.


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The waste management needs of the hospitality sector are as diverse as the industry itself. From the smallest café to the biggest entertainment or sporting venue, SUEZ’s reliable, customised solutions recover more waste for reuse and drive operational efficiencies for businesses.

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The healthcare industry is diverse, with complex regulatory, safety and environmental challenges. SUEZ is a market leader in servicing the complete needs of the sector, with tailored solutions for safe, compliant and optimal resource management.


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Retail & facilities management

Reducing the environmental impact of retail operations and facilities is essential to the industry’s long term sustainability. SUEZ offers innovative and integrated solutions that help businesses improve their operational efficiency and create value from waste.


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Transport & logistics

Local and international regulations, economic shift, technology and environmental factors have made the movement of people and good increasingly complex. SUEZ’s smart and reliable resource management solutions keep the transport and logistics industry moving.


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Increasing resource productivity can unlock significant value in processes and operations for manufacturers across all sectors. SUEZ has extensive expertise in helping manufacturing businesses optimise treatment solutions and boost resource recovery.

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Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

The global chemical and pharmaceutical industry is innovative and complex, with specific environmental challenges faced in each of its segments. For decades, the industry has sought to reduce its environmental footprint as a major consumer of water, raw materials and energy.

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