Your challenges

Manage resources while staying competitive and reducing environmental impact

The global chemical and pharmaceutical industry is innovative and complex, with specific environmental challenges faced in each of its segments. For decades, the industry has sought to reduce its environmental footprint as a major consumer of water, raw materials and energy. At the same time, resource scarcity drives price instability.

The sector looks to better natural resource management strategies to preserve competitiveness and the environment, limit pollution and comply with ever more stringent regulatory standards.
Improve operational efficiencies
improve operational efficiencies
Recover valuable resources
recover valuable resources
comply with federal and state regulatory requirements
comply with federal and state regulatory requirements
reduce risks and likelihood of infection
reduce risks and likelihood of infection
Our solutions

Supporting every stage of the resource management cycle

suez waste streams medical amalgam ICON
Amalgam waste
We offers specialist collection and treatment of dental amalgam and the associated chemical and containers used in its production
anatomical waste 1
Anatomical waste
SUEZ offers specialised services for the collection and disposal of anatomical waste for hospitals and veterinary clinics, with various sized containers to meet all needs.
suez waste streams medical clean plastic ICON
Clean plastics waste
We collect and treat used plastic dishes and bowls from hospital operating theatres, removing any remaining clinical wastes through high-temperature sanitising and processing for reuse in new polypropylene products.
suez waste streams medical cytotoxic ICON
Cytotoxic waste
In accordance with legislative requirements, waste is collected in SUEZ’s clearly labelled and colour-coded cytotoxic waste bins and securely incinerated in our specialist facilities.
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