SUEZ is a leader in the provision of integrated waste management solutions for the construction and demolition sector. We work with you to recover more of your waste and harness the value within, while delivering the best possible efficiency, safety, compliance, financial and environmental protection outcomes.
Your challenges

Optimising management of high-volume, diverse mixed waste

Whether in building, heavy and civil engineering or other construction services such as carpentry, roofing, painting and landscaping, the construction and demolition sector produces large volumes of waste. In many operations, mixed waste can be difficult to separate at its source.

Businesses seek to reduce the waste they send to landfill and maximise the recovery of valuable resources for reuse, while simultaneously improving ongoing performance and operational efficiency.
Improve operational efficiencies
improve operational efficiencies
Recover valuable resources
recover valuable resources
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Reduce contamination issues and achieve zero food waste to landfill
Our solutions

A complete partner in resource management

SUEZ has the expertise, technology, infrastructure and networks to support the full spectrum of the construction and demolition sector’s resource management needs.

Solutions for every situation

SUEZ offers a comprehensive portfolio of services and equipment to meet the needs of construction and demolition sites of all sizes and types, tailored to the individual requirements and challenges of each location. Our extensive range of skip bins and RoRo bins provide a convenient and flexible solution for collecting all kind of waste, big and small.

Focus on safety and compliance

We understand how important safety and compliance is in the construction and demolition sector because it’s at the heart of our business too. Regulated waste is treated at dedicated facilities and our recycling and waste services are fully compliant with all relevant legislation. We keep you up to date with the latest regulatory changes and tailor our initiatives – such as the selection and adaption of bins and containers – to deliver the highest standards in safety.

Partners in operational efficiency

Our structure and services are uniquely designed to enhance your operational efficiency. Our team works with yours to develop and implement waste management plans with the right containers and collection schedules, constantly refining through our continuous improvement processes and tools. We offer a range of environmental certifications, and national or state-wide procurement and account management options for multi-site operations.

Making the best use of waste

At SUEZ, we believe that the circular economy is the key to a more sustainable growth model for the future. We invest heavily in research and development on a global scale to deliver technologies and processes for the reuse of a wide range of waste streams. We create brand new resources from materials that would otherwise end up in landfill, including transforming dry waste into Processed Engineered Fuel (PEF) as a substitute for coal and gas.
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