When it comes to modelling best practices in waste management, schools are the perfect place to start. SUEZ works with a wide range of public and private schools, early childhood centres, universities, colleges and more to reduce waste consumption, enhance recovery and reuse and embed sustainable living practices in the next generation.

Your challenges

Creating a more sustainable tomorrow

For schools, creating a sustainable approach to waste management is about more than just the budget bottom line. Leading by example is a powerful way to create positive behaviours in students, teachers, their families and communities – with endless potential to change our planet’s future.

Education organisations look to reduce the volume of waste generated and sent to landfill and recover valuable resources for reuse. They seek to keep everyone safe on site and to educate their employees and students in effective and sustainable waste management practices.

Recover valuable resources
recover valuable resources
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Reduce contamination issues and achieve zero food waste to landfill
educate tenants and employees on waste management best practice
educate tenants and employees on waste management best practice
Maintain your public image
maintain your public image
Our solutions

A complete partner in resource management

SUEZ has the expertise, technology, infrastructure and networks to support the full spectrum of the education sector’s resource management needs.

Solutions for every situation

Every education institution is unique. SUEZ has a diverse range of solutions to suit every site and organisation, from early childhood centres through to universities. We take the time to understand your needs and develop a customised package to meet them, from the right bins and containers in the right locations to engaging recycling and education programs.

Focus on safety and compliance

We take safety and compliance seriously at SUEZ. We treat all regulated waste at dedicated facilities and our recycling and waste services are fully compliant with all relevant legislation. We stay on top of legislative changes to keep you informed, and our people and processes meet the highest standards of safety.

Partners in operational efficiency

At SUEZ, we take a partnership approach to boosting your operational efficiency through greater diversion and recovery and reduced costs. We conduct full waste audits to determine and implement the best solutions for your organisation, supported by continuous improvement programs, comprehensive reporting and on-site solutions including balers and compactors and customised dock and bin room design. We tailor our account management structures to your needs so it’s easy for you to do business with us.

Supporting communities to thrive

Education empowers communities to create positive change. Through our SUEZ Community Grants program, we’ve helped schools right across Australia – from Brighton Secondary School in South Australia to St Therese Primary School in Queensland and North Perth Primary in Western Australia – by funding projects as diverse as community gardens, compost projects and sun-safe play and learning areas. In certain states, our educators can visit your school to inspire students and staff to embrace sustainable habits as part of your contract with us.
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