The healthcare industry is diverse, with complex regulatory, safety and environmental challenges. SUEZ is a market leader in servicing the complete needs of the sector, with tailored solutions for safe, compliant and optimal resource management.
Your challenges

Safe management of complex waste profiles

The disposal of hazardous medical waste presents multifaceted safety, operational, regulatory and environmental challenges for the sector. Providers need to be confident that their specialised waste is being managed and treated safely and in accordance with the appropriate state and federal regulations. At the same time, they seek to maximise operational efficiencies and the recovery of valuable resources while maintaining and enhancing Australia’s standards of care.
Improve operational efficiencies
improve operational efficiencies
Recover valuable resources
recover valuable resources
reduce waste sent to landfill
reduce waste sent to landfill
reduce risks and likelihood of infection
reduce risks and likelihood of infection
comply with federal and state regulatory requirements
comply with federal and state regulatory requirements
Our solutions

A complete partner in resource management

SUEZ has the expertise, technology, infrastructure and networks to support the full spectrum of the healthcare sectors resource management needs.

Solutions for every situation

With our network of specialised processing and treatment facilities, SUEZ is equipped to support the diverse needs of Australia’s health sector. From public and private hospitals, day surgeries and dental and veterinary practices to blood banks, pharmacies, allied health practices and more, our advanced solutions for everyday and specialised waste streams offer our customers holistic solutions.

Focus on safety and compliance

In the healthcare industry, safety and regulatory compliance is vital. All SUEZ collection vehicles are EPA/DWER compliant and licensed, and our colour-coded sharps and specialised medical waste stream containers and bins are Australian Standards approved. We stay on top of changing legislation and keep you up to date with how your business is affected.

Empowering environmental and financial performance

Reducing waste generation and maximising recycling and recovery makes good business sense. SUEZ works with you to engage and educate your employees, contractors and customers in safe and effective waste management practices to reduce your carbon footprint, save money and enhance your reputation.

Partners in operational efficiency

Optimal waste management is a constantly evolving process. We partner with you to amplify your efficiency by conducting waste audits and recommending improvements, implementing waste management plans, using data and analysis to inform continuous improvement and maximising your space through customised bin room solutions.
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