The transport & logistics sector is a crucial player in the modern economy. Local and international regulations, economic shift, technology and environmental factors have made the movement of people and products increasingly complex. SUEZ’s smart and reliable resource management solutions keep the industry moving.
Your challenges

Efficiency and sustainability on the move

The transport & logistics sector faces unique challenges. With high waste volumes, minimal control over their customers’ waste and specialist biosecurity waste management needs, increasing waste diversion and recovering valuable resources is a complex task. Optimisation of the supply chain, development of greener packaging solutions and employee training are also pressing concerns.
Improve operational efficiencies
improve operational efficiencies
Recover valuable resources
recover valuable resources
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Reduce contamination issues and achieve zero food waste to landfill
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optimise available space
educate tenants and employees on waste management best practice
educate tenants and employees on waste management best practice
Our solutions

A complete partner in resource management

SUEZ has the expertise, technology, infrastructure and networks to support the full spectrum of the transport and logistics sector’s resource management needs.

Solutions for every situation

With a nationwide network of advanced processing and treatment facilities, SUEZ is equipped and ready to support the needs of the complex and mobile transport & logistics industry. We offer expert services tailored to individual companies and sites, from the management of everyday waste to handling specialised and challenging waste streams.

Focus on safety and compliance

We’re committed to helping transport & logistics businesses achieve the highest levels of safety and compliance. Our tailored recycling and recovery initiatives include bins and containers adapted to your business needs, and all waste is treated at dedicated facilities. We monitor and comply with changing legislation, with regular updates to ensure you are always aware of your regulatory obligations.

Empowering environmental and financial performance

Reducing waste generation and maximising recycling and recovery makes good business sense. SUEZ works with you to engage and educate your employees, contractors and customers in safe and effective waste management practices. We provide detailed reports to give you a clear picture of your waste management profile and to identify opportunities for improved environmental and financial outcomes.

Partners in operational efficiency

Optimal waste management is a constantly evolving process. We partner with you to amplify your efficiency by conducting waste audits and recommending improvements, implementing waste management plans, using data and analysis to inform continuous improvement, offering on-site processing solutions and maximising your space through customised bin room solutions. We also deliver safe and compliant management of biosecurity waste, assist with environmental certifications and offer national and state-based procurement and account management.
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Our integrated solutions support sustainable operations and growth for some of Australia’s most celebrated transport and logistics businesses.

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