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Achieving ambitious sustainability objectives for national customers requires a united approach. We see ourselves as partners with our National Key Accounts, sharing accountability and defining the path to success together.

Justin Frank-Chief Strategy, Sustainability & Communications Officer

The big picture

What is a National Key Account?

At SUEZ, we understand and support the varying needs of all businesses, whether big or small. National businesses with multiple sites across different states often have complex challenges and requirements. They seek flexible solutions to optimise the management of everyday and specialised waste, simplify national and state-based procurement and meet overarching cost reduction, safety and sustainability targets.

If this sounds like your business, then you may qualify for our National Key Accounts (NKA) management program. It’s specifically designed to streamline and optimise waste management solutions for complex national businesses, helping you meet your sustainability goals.
The SUEZ difference

Partners in boosting your sustainability performance

At SUEZ, we make understanding your business and its needs a top priority. We work with our National Key Accounts to clarify your sustainability objectives and measure and improve your environmental performance.

Waste assessment and environmental audit services

SUEZ has expertise in conducting thorough initial and regular site audits to analyse the volume of waste you generate and determine the effectiveness of current waste systems.
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Customised, flexible solutions

At SUEZ, we adapt to the changing needs of our customers and the markets in which they operate. We’re flexible and forward-thinking, with the facilities, equipment and expertise to rapidly respond to evolving requirements with optimal solutions.
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Waste system innovation

Our smart, innovative solutions take waste management to new levels across the length and breadth of your business. We develop advanced solutions to solve complex challenges and boost performance across a wide range of industries.


We develop and deliver comprehensive training packages for your employees, supported by posters and signage, on-site and online training and educational tours. Each is customised based on the results of our waste assessment and audit processes and aligned to the individual needs of your company and locations.
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Reporting and invoicing

The right systems can be a powerful tool for enhancing business efficiency, benchmarking performance and meeting key indicators. Our comprehensive reporting tools allow full macro and micro visibility at local, state and national level, across all your waste streams and sites.

Continuous improvement programs

When it comes to ensuring our services meet your needs, we never stand still. SUEZ works with you to continuously review the waste management solutions we create for you, suggesting changes and introducing innovations to optimise your investment in waste management and resource recovery.
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The national advantage

Leveraging diversion solutions across whole-of-business

SUEZ is a comprehensive national partner, enabling multi-state businesses to leverage our extensive network of facilities and solutions.
Handling the full continuum of waste streams

Handling the full continuum of waste streams

SUEZ has the expertise and infrastructure to manage any and all of the waste streams generated by businesses. 
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Recycling and recovering more resources

Recycling and recovering more resources

We lead the industry in advanced solutions that enable greater recycling and recovery and in creating new and valuable resources from waste.
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Harvesting the potential of organics

Harvesting the potential of organics

Our cutting-edge facilities use innovative technologies to convert green waste into compost, mulches and other organic products.
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Safety first

Embedding safety and compliance in everything we do

Safety is at the heart of our business and of every solution we offer. We have worked hard to build a strong safety culture, backed by comprehensive policies, protocols, procedures and tools to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Our employees live and breathe the safety message and our ‘no harm’ vision, and we enhance and celebrate the contribution of our teams everywhere with dedicated annual Safety Week events. We also give your employees the tools and knowledge to safely manage their waste management responsibilities.

Our AS4801-certified safety, environment and quality management system is testament that we run our business in line with national best practice in Occupational Health and Safety, confirmed by independent verification.

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A single contact point

Dedicated account management for national businesses

An integral part of SUEZ’s solutions for National Key Accounts is the provision of a dedicated account manager, giving you a single point of contact for all your waste management needs.

Your National Key Account (NKA) Manager is an industry specialist, ready to guide you through contract development and waste assessments and audits, optimise reporting and invoicing and manage the full spectrum of your account, from continuous improvement programs to education and training. They are skilled in performing industry analysis to offer crucial insights into waste and recovery trends, developments, risks and opportunities.

NKA Managers are supported by state-based dedicated account managers, local salespeople and a central support team to assist with day-to-day operations. We can create dedicated email addresses for all communications between your company and SUEZ, making it simple to get in touch and keep track of the conversation.
Solutions for all

Diverse offerings and centralised account management for a range of industries

Whatever your industry, SUEZ has the expertise to offer customised solutions to transform your waste management.
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