Managing waste in ways that best meet the social, economic and environmental needs of communities and localities is an increasingly complicated task for councils. SUEZ partners with local authorities to develop customised services for evolving requirements.
A complex challenge

Meeting the waste management needs of today’s communities

Though all communities are unique, local government authorities face common challenges in the optimal management of waste. With urban development and population growth comes an ever-increasing variety of waste materials and streams, and residents demand new and innovative solutions to boost recycling, decrease reliance on landfill and protect the local environment. Improving education and communication with their communities around waste and recycling is also high on the agenda.
Australian residents and businesses provided with waste collection services weekly
tonnes of waste diverted from landfill each year
facilities across Australia

The waste management experts

Supporting you throughout every stage of the waste cycle

Councils across Australia and around the world rely on SUEZ every day to deliver integrated and innovative waste management solutions in their communities.