SUEZ is a comprehensive partner for local authorities, with the expertise and facilities to deliver optimal waste management outcomes and drive positive change in communities.
Working for you

Integrated resource recovery solutions for communities

From reliable kerbside collection to innovative resource recovery solutions tailored to the individual needs of our customers, SUEZ offers an extensive portfolio of waste management services.
Collections fleet of trucks

Collection and logistics

High performance collection solutions customised to the needs of your locality and residents.
SUEZ employees sorting waste

Sorting and processing

A vast and advanced network with the capability to treat, process and recover all kinds of municipal waste.
Satellite view of cyclone

Disaster management

Emergency response services ready to step in and clean up when disaster strikes.
SUEZ community education officer presenting

Community education and events

Empowering community awareness of sustainable water and waste management through education and events.
Connected SUEZ facilities

Network of facilities

More than 100 operations across Australia and extensive experience in developing local waste processing facilities.