Smart collection is a fundamental part of today’s waste management processes. At SUEZ, we leverage our substantial expertise and new technologies to provide smarter, more sustainable collection services.
A growing problem

The world is producing more waste

Access to waste collection services is a mounting challenge across the globe, with significant impact on people and the environment.



estimated increase in urban waste volume, across the world, by 2025



of the world’s population without access to household waste collection services
Source: World Bank
Integrated collection services

Smart waste collection solutions for every municipality

Every community and local environment is unique. With our partnership approach and extensive service offering, SUEZ provides councils with bespoke and innovative solutions to meet varied waste collection needs.
When waste collection solutions are designed and managed well, the whole process is easier. Recycling rates increase, neighbourhoods and town centres are cleaner, property values are boosted, and resident satisfaction and sustainable behaviour is enhanced. SUEZ offers collection solutions for a diversity of options.


Optimal management of household waste collection is critically important, and residents expect reliable, efficient, easy waste collection with minimal noise. We develop flexible solutions, systems and procedures that maximise service quality and minimise disruption and environmental impact in the collection of residential waste.

Multi-unit dwellings (MUDs)

MUDs can present significant waste collection challenges, from insufficient storage space and access difficulties to higher levels of contamination and hard waste. SUEZ’s solutions for MUDs make the best use of available space, keep access to driveways and footpaths clear and minimise noise and disruption to residents.

Hard waste

Our hard waste collection services are a convenient and sustainable way for residents to dispose of bulky household items such as mattresses and whitegoods, available once or twice each year. By processing these items for recycling and recovery, we divert waste from landfill and prevent unsightly and unsafe littering and dumping.

Public spaces

Public spaces such as parks, shopping centres, footpaths and bus stops are integral to community life. We work with councils to develop collection systems individualised to each site based on bin size, location, litter reduction, visibility and accessibility.

Bin management

For waste collection systems to function at their best, bins need to be in full working order. SUEZ offers comprehensive bin management systems for households, MUDs and commercial and public spaces, from distribution to ongoing management and repair. 
Advanced logistical management

Bringing all the moving parts together

Underpinning our excellence in municipal waste collection is extensive experience in identifying synergies in service provision, vehicle selection and operational management. SUEZ is a leader in the coordination and delivery of domestic collection right across Australia, working with councils to ensure efficient, smooth and uninterrupted services.

SUEZ CORE: harnessing digital technology for seamless collection

Digital technology has the power to drive new efficiencies in waste collection. Our SUEZ CORE technology is an on-board integrated management solution that offers full transparency for councils to monitor collection performance. With real-time information and comprehensive reporting, it enables immediate response to residents and provides a centralised hub for tracking collections and vehicles, managing missed services, mapping and bin data. SUEZ CORE can be tailored to interface with council’s existing CMS systems.
The leader in waste

Global expertise, local results

Across the world, SUEZ leads the way in providing smart, safe and reliable solutions for councils and their residents, keeping services flowing smoothly.

Keeping communities safe

Safety is at the heart of our business. SUEZ has the systems and processes in place to ensure our drivers and vehicles meet the highest standards of safety to protect your residents. Our comprehensive Road Safety Management System ensures all our vehicles are well-maintained, safe and equipped with smart vehicle systems.

A solution for every situation

Each council area has varying population sizes, demographics, residence types and social and environmental needs. SUEZ takes the time to understand the specific needs of our customers and their communities so that the solutions we offer work for you, with bespoke service schedules, bin types and vehicles.

Service you can rely on

We’re dedicated to providing the best possible service to our local government customers. We offer each council their own dedicated call centre with a team that understands their individualised needs for fast, efficient handling of enquiries and issues. We also offer self-service portals for residents to easily and instantly request waste-related services.

Resourcing residents
SUEZ makes it easy for residents to understand the importance of recycling and the solutions we put in place. Resourcing residents to appropriately separate their waste means less contamination and greater recycling and recovery.
Our local success stories

They trust us

SUEZ has earned a solid reputation for delivering smart and reliable collection services for our local authority customers.


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