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Disaster & Emergency Clean Up

Australia’s climate is unpredictable and disasters like floods and fires can happen at any time. When things go wrong, SUEZ’s emergency response services provide vital clean-up and recovery support for communities.
Road to recovery

Specialised disaster recovery to get communities up and running sooner

SUEZ provides immediate support in the aftermath of disaster and ongoing solutions for affected communities in the long term.

Rapid response

When disaster strikes, you need help fast. We get a SUEZ disaster manager to you within 24 hours or less, with action plans in place and resources mobilised within 48 hours.

The right people and equipment

Successful disaster clean-up and recovery requires specialised equipment and skilled people. SUEZ supplies a variety of equipment for safe and efficient site waste recovery under difficult conditions. Our highly trained project managers, site supervisors, safety managers and administration coordinators are experienced in ensuring the recovery process runs smoothly.

Part of the team

Recovering from disaster is a collective effort, not just the responsibility of those most affected. We coordinate, plan and implement all waste recovery initiatives and work side by side with emergency services to access sites and clear roadways. We rapidly establish the necessary transfer stations and waste management processes to safely and quickly manage all waste streams.

Recovering value

Disaster situations result in a huge array of waste types, with many items simply not able to be put back into homes and businesses. SUEZ is a leader in resource recovery, and our advanced solutions enable us to put waste to good use by recovering the valuable resources within items such as whitegoods, furniture, scrap steel and timber.
On the ground

Disaster recovery success stories

SUEZ has been there for communities around Australia in times of trouble, helping them manage when disaster strikes. Here’s what some of our customers have to say.

Cleaning up after Tropical Cyclone Marcia

“I was impressed by SUEZ’s performance at all levels and by their safety standards, a great performance by all staff involved.”

Leanne Randall, Livingstone Shire Council

“Immediate response following the cyclone was valuable and timely. SUEZ’s team was professional, diligent, responsive, flexible and committed at all times during the contract development and execution.”

Patrice Brown, CQG Consulting

Recovering from the Bundaberg floods

“If it hadn't been for the forethought and initiative of the SUEZ team, we wouldn't have been in a position to effectively cope with the magnitude and scope of the task that we were presented with.”

Kerry Dalton, Bundaberg Regional Council

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