Sorting and processing

Communities are growing and changing at a rapid rate, and councils are faced with increasing and diversified waste streams. SUEZ’s innovation focus, advanced facilities and expertise in sorting and processing make us an ideal partner for local authorities in driving greater resource recovery.
Key figures
worth of food is wasted by Australian households every year
of all recyclable items are placed in the wrong bin, ending up in landfill
projected population of Australia by 2050, compared to 25M in 2018
increase in waste generation from 1996-2015, despite only 28% population increase
Recovering valuable resources

Making the best possible use of your waste

Our integrated network of facilities power our commitment to divert waste from landfill and recover valuable resources to create new products. SUEZ has more than 100 waste treatment and processing facilities across Australia, offering unmatched capacity and flexibility to handle the complex waste needs of our municipal customers.

Mixed solid waste (MSW)

SUEZ is a leader in recovering organics from MSW. Our network of Advanced Resource Recovery Technology (ARRT) facilities separates these components, using anaerobic digestion composting processes to convert them into soil conditioners for use in landscaping, soil rehabilitation, turf growing and agriculture.
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Using technologically-advanced automated sorting processes, our Material Recycling Facilities (MRFs) optimise the separation of recyclable materials to maximise their recovery for reuse in manufacturing processes.
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Garden organics

Our robust network of Organic Resource Recovery Facilities (ORRFs) transform garden waste into specialised products such as soil improvers, turf underlay, organic top dressing, garden soil mixes, potting products, composts and mulches.
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End-of-life waste

While we recover as much from your waste as possible, not everything is suitable or available for recovery. Drawing on our international expertise, SUEZ’s engineered landfills employ cutting-edge technology to harness the biogas produced by landfilled waste. It is then transformed into electricity to power homes and businesses.
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Working with you

Together, we can unlock the full potential of your waste

SUEZ has a proud track record of innovative partnership with local authorities across the globe, levering our expertise, experience and networks to drive the resource revolution.

Partners in innovation

At SUEZ, we’re not just about immediate results. We’re also a long-term partner, working alongside you to achieve a shared vision for the future of waste management. We see our customers as collaborative innovation partners, working together to explore and develop strategic solutions that are cost-effective and viable into the future.


Applying international expertise to local challenges

Because we’re a global company, we have a wealth of experience and expertise behind us. We make good use of our internationally-proven technologies and processes and lead the way in bringing new solutions to Australian shores to boost outcomes for our customers.


Growing your organic waste diversion

With organic material such as food waste making up more than 60 percent of general waste bin contents, recovery and processing of organics is a top priority. We offer councils tailored and comprehensive Food and Garden Organics (FOGO) solutions that allow the separation of organic waste so that it can be diverted from landfill and made into new organic products and composts.


Energy for the future

Waste is an endless source of energy and SUEZ leads the charge in harnessing this valuable resource. Our SUEZ-ResourceCo Alternative Fuels Facility – the first of its kind in Australia – transforms waste into Processed Engineered Fuel (PEF) as an alternative to coal and gas in high combustion facilities. We also operate more than 60 Energy-from-Waste facilities across Europe and Asia and are continually innovating to build energy capabilities into new and existing facilities.

A vision shared

Partners in innovation potential 

We believe that a common vision is a more successful one, and our people are dedicated to understanding the unique commercial requirements of our local government customers and the political environments they operate in.


In Australia and around the world, SUEZ is a preferred partner for governments and consortiums to finance, build, operate and maintain sustainable waste and water facilities. It’s a trust built on experience and a solid track record for excellence in the development, operation and maintenance of a wide range of facilities. Collaboration is key; our globally-mobile, expert teams work closely with on-site personnel to solve complex technical and operational challenges and develop innovations for continuous improvement.