Building a sustainable future is a team effort. We believe in being active and engaged within the communities in which we live and work.

We're working with communities to shape a better future

To us, being a good neighbour means providing clear access to information about our activities, supporting communities, valuing different perspectives and sharing our knowledge to lead collective positive change.


provided to inspiring grassroots organisations and projects since 2014


community reference groups providing open dialogue on community expectations


resource recovery community education centres

Our commitment to communities

Investing in local communities

SUEZ invests in a wide range of community partnerships and sponsorships that make a profound difference to the environment and the people who call it home.

SUEZ Community Grants

Through the SUEZ Community Grants program, we provide much-needed funds to organisations and projects across Australia that help communities and the environment thrive.

Discover what projects are happening in your area

SUEZ operates within communities to provide resource solutions. It’s a priority of SUEZ to provide accessible and relevant information about these projects assuring the ability for community and stakeholders to engage.

Community Reference Groups

SUEZ builds strong relationships through our Community Reference Groups, ensuring our business is proactive, responsible and sustainable.We proactively consult with residents, businesses and organisations through our Community Reference Groups to ensure that our operations and services work for them and for the environment.

Educational tours

We're committed to increasing awareness of sustainable waste management practices. We provide educational resources and tours of our facilities, and take the journey of discovery out into schools.