Educational tours

We’re helping to shape the communities of tomorrow.  Our free educational tours help schools, community groups and businesses discover the innovative processes that we use to make the best of water and waste
Site tours and Education Centres

Step behind the scenes

We open up our facilities to individuals, businesses, schools and community groups, helping them to understand the processes we use to recover valuable resources from everyday waste and return them to the economy.

Across Australia, our dedicated Education Centres and sites offer an opportunity for everyone to explore and learn. Each tour is led by an experienced SUEZ guide, who will take you behind the scenes to see just what happens on site, share insights into the world of recycling and recovery and offer tips on building sustainable behaviour into daily life.

You can book tours in NSW at New Illawarra Rd Landfill (Lucas Heights) or Spring Farm Resource Recovery Park (ARRT) by filling out the contact form below.

In WA, our Waste Educational officer organise regular schools incursions to educate the younger generation. Enquire now to schedule a visit in your school.

Sustainability education in schools

Empowering the leaders of tomorrow

SUEZ offers an in-school program 'The Recoverables' to help students reduce, reuse and recycle more waste. Our educational team delivers hands-on lessons which are tailored to meet a local council's needs around waste management and recycling.

At SUEZ we run workshops in schools and have developed a comprehensive education kit for teachers. Teachers, students and parents across Australia can also download ‘The Recoverables’ Activity Worksheets, hands-on activities such as a crossword and maze to teach students how to reduce, reuse and recycle more waste. These activities are currently aimed at primary students and are designed to be completed individually or used together in teams to build a comprehensive recycling education resource.

Other resources available are:

•    A booklet describing what The Recoverables school program is and what it offers, including an outline of all available workshops.
•    The Rubbish to Resource presentation. Delivered by our educational teams, this presentation teaches students about waste and recycling, and is tailored to their local council’s needs.

Together, we’re giving tomorrow’s leaders the tools to shape a more sustainable future.


You can book workshops in your school via the form below.

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