Bupa Goes National After Waste Health Check: Healthcare

With more than 6,500 residents in 70 aged care homes across Australia, streamlining its waste services to one supplier means more effective and efficient waste management for Bupa.
The mission

Too many suppliers

Bupa Aged Care is one of Australia’s largest residential aged care providers, committed to providing person-centred care to its more than 6,500 residents.

Effective, safe and cost-efficient waste removal is important, and with a portfolio of 17 waste service partners across its homes Bupa sought to simplify its waste management and streamline it under one supplier.

Having worked with SUEZ for more than ten years, in 2015 Bupa chose SUEZ as its partner in this transition.

From 17 to 1

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Bringing it together

Streamlining Bupa’s waste management services nationally was a complex process.

Through visiting each aged care home and engaging with Bupa employees at all levels, SUEZ was able to paint a clear picture of the company’s needs and develop bespoke solutions to deliver more effective recycling and waste management.

SUEZ implemented a full range of solid and liquid waste services across Bupa’s care homes, including co-mingled and paper and cardboard recycling, general waste, and management of specialised medical and clinical waste.

Safety first

Ensuring a safe working environment for Bupa’s employees under the new system, and educating them in the new systems and processes, was important in managing the transition successfully. SUEZ conducted extensive site visits to check equipment, assess risks and recommend best practice approaches for staff, tailored to individual homes.

SUEZ produced packs for each individual home to help employees at all levels understand the new waste management systems. In partnership with Bupa, SUEZ is also developing an educational brochure specific to clinical waste, and a broader waste education guide for care homes.
The results

One partner

Streamlining all its waste services under SUEZ gave Bupa clear visibility of its waste consumption across all sites and a path to more efficient and cost-effective waste management. With all possible recycling services now in place, SUEZ continues to work with Bupa to develop innovative solutions to meet its unique needs.
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