Inghams Zero Waste to Landfill Goal: Food Manufacturing

Inghams – one of Australia’s largest providers of quality chicken and turkey products – is leading the way in minimising the impact of its operations on the environment. With SUEZ’s expert help, the company is working towards an ambitious zero waste goal.
The mission

Aiming for zero

Inghams Enterprises believes in ‘doing things right’. An important part of this is taking care of the environment, and the company is deeply committed to reducing waste by recycling and reusing its products and waste materials.

As part of a comprehensive sustainability strategy, Inghams set itself the ambitious goal of zero waste to landfill. Though it began on a strong environmental footing, the company needed the help of experts to meet this significant challenge; it turned to SUEZ in 2014.

Trucks at Inghams factory

Our answer

Diversion-boosting innovation

An initial waste audit of Ingham’s Queensland plants revealed opportunities to innovate, and to implement simple and cost-effective solutions to drive greater diversion from landfill.

SUEZ introduced soiled plastics, paper towel recycling and specialised liquid service solutions at the Murarrie Processing Plant, and liquid services for the on-site Advanced Water Treatment Plant. Plastic waste is now washed and shredded before recycling to dramatically reduce reliance on landfill. A cardboard compactor was also installed for greater ease of recycling.

Through ongoing review and partnership, Inghams and SUEZ worked to better forecast volume and develop a reliable service schedule tailored to the unique needs of the sites.

Deep insights for better outcomes

SUEZ worked closely with Inghams to identify and understand its requirements and to develop a clear strategy and customised service offering. By engaging with the more than 1,000 on-site employees, SUEZ gained a deep insight into the operation at all levels. Providing face-to-face training and regular communications ensured greater effectiveness of the new recycling practices, with better diversion outcomes as a result.
The results

Goal in sight

Through providing Inghams with a complete waste management solution, SUEZ has helped deliver an annual diversion rate of 95%, all while reducing costs by more than 30%.

Inghams has since selected SUEZ as its preferred national supplier, and the partnership is now looking at further ways to achieve even greater diversion and recovery to realise the zero waste ambition.




More than 30


of cost savings