Jewel in the Crown of Sustainability: Facilities Management

With over ten million visits each year and more than 5,800 employees, Crown Perth’s waste management challenges are extensive. But with a commitment to change and SUEZ’s expertise, it manages to divert most of its waste from landfill each year.
The mission

Changing the game

The hospitality and entertainment industry produces an incredible amount of waste. For Crown Perth, a large-scale five-star resort on the banks of the Swan River, reducing its impact on the environment is a clear and crucial business goal.

It aims to decrease its reliance on landfill, but without compromising the luxury and comfort its guests have come to expect.

Crown Perth had a visionary outlook and a strong commitment to behavioural change, but needed a partner who could help it realise its vision and streamline its waste management processes resort-wide. It enlisted SUEZ’s expert help in 2009.
Our Answer

An integrated solution

Over almost seven years, SUEZ has worked closely with Crown Perth to ensure best practice waste management across the entire precinct. As part of a full-service resource recovery, recycling and waste management program, SUEZ provides custom-made source separation bins for food waste, general waste, co-mingled recycling, cardboard and paper.

Source separated paper and cardboard, glass, e-waste, wood, metal, and co-mingled recyclables are taken to SUEZ’s Resource Recovery Facility at Welshpool to be sorted and packaged for transport to recyclers. Each year, SUEZ also removes and recycles more than 181 tonnes of playing cards from Crown Casino, and repurposes 1,675 tonnes of organic waste into compost.

A bespoke partnership

To achieve its sustainability goals, Crown Perth needed an integrated and cost effective solution designed to meet its unique requirements.

By working closely with Crown to gain a deep understanding of the business and its values, SUEZ was able to deliver custom-designed innovations, delivering the right tools and strategies to make recycling simple and effective for guests and employees across the complex.

Together, Crown Perth and SUEZ balance the day-to-day requirements with keeping an eye firmly on the future, continuously seeking new ways to reduce cost and improve environmental performance without sacrificing the quality of the experience of Perth’s premier entertainment venue.
The results

Playing to win

Crown Perth has managed a transformational change in behaviour, both internally and among its guests. In partnership with SUEZ, Crown has delivered an impressive 80 per cent diversion rate from landfill. It’s a result almost unheard of in such a large-scale operation, and a huge win for the environment.



diversion rate from landfill achieved in 2015