Navigating the Waterways of Waste: Manufacturing

As the nation’s largest manufacturer of aluminium boats, Telwater helps thousands of Australians each day to experience and enjoy the great outdoors. Reducing its own impact on the natural environment through effective waste management is a cornerstone of the company’s ethos.
The mission

Making diversion a priority

Telwater prides itself on making products that actively encourage the use of Australia’s waterways and open spaces. Based on Queensland’s iconic Gold Coast, its team of around 200 dedicated staff produce up to 30 boats per day, and more than 12,000 boats and 6,000 trailers annually.

Committed to preserving the natural environment to be enjoyed for many years to come, Telwater enlisted SUEZ’s expert help in 2011 to improve the waste and recycling practices of its growing operation.

Telwater enlisted the help of SUEZ to help improve the company’s waste and recycling practices.

Our answer

Small changes for big results

SUEZ understands that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution, and that each individual business needs a unique approach to the diversion, reuse and recycling of its waste.

Through delivering an integrated waste management solution to meet Telwater’s needs, including the introduction of segregation bins to encourage employees to separate their waste, SUEZ has helped the company achieve an impressive 95 per cent diversion rate for its timber and plastic waste. It has also substantially improved its recycling rates for batteries, fluorescent light tubes, metal, glass, paper and cardboard.

Working smarter has also helped Telwater to reduce its electricity and water consumption, amplifying the impact of its sustainability efforts.

Dedicated support

To better understand Telwater’s day-to-day requirements and help the company achieve its long-term environmental goals, a dedicated SUEZ employee was placed on site. This allowed the SUEZ team to gain deep insights into Telwater’s operations, enabling better alignment of services and ongoing education.

With the right solutions in place, Telwater has been able to foster a strong sustainability culture where recycling has become second nature.

Telwater’s business continues to evolve, with different product types entering the site daily. This means that the partnership also requires constant evaluation, and the SUEZ team conducts regular site audits to maintain and further improve recycling rates and seek out opportunities for innovation.
The results

A win for the environment

Through effective waste management techniques and collaboration, SUEZ has helped Telwater deliver an average annual saving of around 1,877 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions and 1,736 trees over the past five years, helping preserve Australia’s unique natural environment for future generations of boating and outdoor enthusiasts.



Average tonnes of CO2 emissions saved each year by Telwater with SUEZ’s help