Reaching new heights with Qantas

Qantas is widely regarded as a world-leading airline, and one of Australia’s most iconic and respected brands. Since 2002, Qantas and SUEZ have built a resourceful partnership that is helping to achieve the airline’s environmental goals.
The mission

Reaching for the sky

Qantas is Australia’s largest domestic and international airline, servicing 44 local and 182 international destinations with more than 5,000 flights each week.

Qantas recognises the impact of its largescale operation on the environment, and continually seeks out and invests in greater operational efficiencies – both in the air and on the ground.

The airline has clear and measurable goals to increase its operational sustainability, including reducing waste-to-landfill by 30 per cent by 2020. Qantas looks to SUEZ to provide a competitive, reliable and efficient service that increases diversion while minimising costs.


Qantas' global reduction of waste-to-landfill by 2020

Our Answer

Implementing a nation-wide solution 

With its operation producing more than 30,000 tonnes of waste annually, waste management is an ongoing challenge for Qantas. SUEZ manages the national collection and disposal of more than 50 waste streams for the airline, from general waste and recycling through to quarantine and liquid waste.

Working with Qantas to support its 2020 vision, SUEZ installed recycling bins across all Qantas’ major domestic operations and converted compactors to meet changing waste management needs.

SUEZ and Qantas have since collaborated on a wide range of innovations to increase diversion, including reducing water volume in quarantine waste, recycling unused cutlery, trays and cups, and implementing a food waste recycling program at Qantas’ corporate office in Mascot, Sydney.

SUEZ’s nationwide service has helped Qantas reduce waste to landfill by 10 per cent in two years

Strategic partners

In a 14-year partnership, the relationship between Qantas and SUEZ has shifted from operational to strategic. SUEZ’s dedicated account manager and support team meet regularly with Qantas, effectively creating a think-tank for new waste management solutions.

Taking a proactive approach to gain a deep understanding of Qantas’ requirements and
collaboratively developing smart solutions, in two years SUEZ has already helped the airline reduce waste-to-landfill by 10 per cent.

The results

A collaborative vision

Waste diversion requires a team effort. With a solid partnership focused on continuous improvement, Qantas and SUEZ are on track to realise the company’s ambitious sustainability vision, ensuring the ‘Flying Kangaroo’ can continue to deliver a premium service to its customers while minimising environmental harm.