QIC - Hyperdome Partners in diversion

At Hyperdome Shopping Centre, true partnership has paved the way for innovation and engagement, delivering impressive results across the spectrum of waste management.

The mission

Increase in diversion

Located 20 minutes south of Brisbane in Logan, Hyperdome is a bustling retail mecca. Australia’s largest single-storey shopping centre, it is home to more than 220 stores including major retailers and supermarkets and offers dining and entertainment options for the whole family. For owner QIC, optimising waste management at the centre has long been a complex challenge. Operations Manager Bernard Pirnke says that engaging SUEZ as its waste provider has heralded a transformation on site – with rapid and impressive results.



of waste diverted from landfill by 2020

Our answer

New and Innovative waste and recycling streams

Introducing new and innovative waste and recycling streams has been an important part of the strategy, with the site transitioning from an initial four streams to more than ten.

“Cleaners sort co-mingled waste on site to minimise contamination. Our bin weighing technology saves QIC money by eliminating unnecessary collections, and also enables us to monitor and report on the waste produced by individual tenants so we can work with them to improve diversion results.”

With the turnover of junior staff within retail, absolute clarity around the collection of each waste and recycling stream has been crucial in ensuring every employee – regardless of their role and tenure – knows exactly which bin to use when out on the waste docks.
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The results

Service you can count on

Mr Pirnke says that the primary difference lies in SUEZ’s preparedness to work with Hyperdome and retailers as an equal partner in the business – an ideal foundation for sustained innovation and growth.

“There’s a real sense of trust, collaboration and ownership on all sides, which began even before the contract was awarded,” he explains. “It comes down to people; everybody is committed and passionate, and that partnership has created the flexibility for us to move forward.”