Reliable Collections in the River City: Local Government

Brisbane City Council’s waste collection operation is the largest in the southern hemisphere, servicing more than 1.2 million local residents each week. Efficiency in service delivery and effective teamwork at all levels are crucial in keeping everything running smoothly.
The mission

More people, more waste

Brisbane is Australia’s third largest city, and its fastest growing. The city’s population grows by around 2 per cent annually, roughly equating to 8,000 new homes each year.

With more residents comes a greater volume of waste, and with it increasing complexity of waste management. In 2002, Brisbane City Council (BCC) sought out SUEZ’s expertise to help it meet this growing challenge.

Now 17 years on, the long-standing partnership between SUEZ and BCC is well into its third contract.

SUEZ now has 150 dedicated vehicles servicing the region.

Our answer

Meeting the need

Brisbane’s waste services needs are extensive, and SUEZ performs in excess of 120,000 services a day across numerous suburbs and housing types, from high density urban dwellings through narrow streets to rural properties. From early on, SUEZ set a simple goal: to ensure its fleet collects every single bin, providing a reliable service that BCC and its residents can count on. If a bin is missed, BCC’s call centres immediately report it to the SUEZ team for swift resolution.

Investing in the right equipment brings greater efficiency. SUEZ replaced single pass trucks – which collect waste and recycling bins at the same time into separate chambers of the vehicle – with dedicated vehicles to collect different waste streams at the source. There are now more than 150 such collection vehicles at work across Brisbane. SUEZ still maintains a few single pass vehicles for rural collections.

Partners in efficiency

Over the years, BCC and SUEZ have built a close working relationship at all levels, from vehicle operators through to BCC’s waste management team. Council’s waste services officers work with the SUEZ team on a daily basis to deal with issues, manage service growth and develop solutions to meet the Brisbane’s evolving needs.

Accountability is paramount, and the agreement is covered by clear key performance indicators, with new targets agreed upon each year.

Safety is also key; together, SUEZ and BCC have built a strong safety-first culture for drivers, actively promoting awareness and refreshing safety training regularly.
The results

Service you can count on

Through effective long-term collaboration and a focus on service efficiencies, the SUEZ team has delivered a remarkably low missed bin rate in the region: just 0.06 per cent for residential properties, and 0.01 per cent for multi-unit dwellings.

Service delivery benchmarks continue to increase year-on-year, meaning standards are not just maintained, but improved upon.

It all adds up to better waste management outcomes for Brisbane.
Services performed by SUEZ per day