Stirling Innovation in Hard Waste Collection: Local Government

An innovative partnership between SUEZ and the City of Stirling has delivered a faster and safer system for managing hard waste collections, meaning better services for residents, cleaner neighbourhoods, and enhanced health and safety for collection workers.
The mission

An ambitious target

As Perth’s most populous local government area, the City of Stirling offers waste collection services to more than 220,000 residents, producing more than 100,000 tonnes of municipal waste materials per year.

Striving towards 65 per cent diversion from landfill by 2020 under Western Australia’s state-wide waste strategy, in 2015 Stirling sought SUEZ’s expertise to provide kerbside collection services for general waste, hard waste, and recovery for garden organics and dry kerbside recyclables.

SUEZ and City of Stirling have developed an innovative new approach to kerbside hard waste collection.

Our answer

Collection innovations

A key element of the partnership was improving service delivery for residential hard waste collections.

Previously, Stirling’s residents would place hard waste on the verge for collection on a designated day, bringing a range of issues from unsightly piles, picking and spillage of waste to the occupational health and safety challenges presented by manual collection of heavy, sharp and hazardous materials.

SUEZ solved this by providing three-cubicmetre skip bins on demand, using front lift trucks and skip trucks for rapid deployment and collection. The system limits the volume of materials, encourages separation of ‘problem’ wastes like whitegoods and mattresses, and better contains the waste for improved urban amenity and safer, easier collection.

Working smarter

SUEZ employed intelligent software to capture real time data on the performance of collection services to a central database.

The information, such as the placement of inappropriate materials in bins, can be used to shape local awareness campaigns or communication with individuals regarding their waste.

The software can also be used to flag specific issues – like access problems at individual locations – so that appropriate arrangements can be made for reliable and safe collections.
The results

Solutions with impact

Stirling’s residents have welcomed the service, and SUEZ currently delivers more than 10,000 skip services per year, with capacity to extend to 40,000.

The improvements have resulted in a reduction in illegal dumping and enhanced community satisfaction. Resource recovery rates have also increased, reducing reliance on landfill and delivering long-term positive environmental outcomes for the city and its residents.


SUEZ currently delivers more than 10,000 skip services per year in the city of Stirling