SUEZ Puts Driver Safety First

DriveCam™ keeps eyes on the road and a focus on driving safely.
The mission
With a fleet of more than 1000 recycling and waste recovery vehicles travelling on Australian roads every day, SUEZ understands the importance of driving safely.
Our answer

We put the safety of our drivers, customers and members of the public first and take a preventative approach to safety. That’s why SUEZ has introduced DriveCam™ across its fleet. Whether our drivers are travelling in vehicles on work sites or on public and private roads, DriveCam™ is helping to improve safety.

DriveCam™ aims to ensure our workforce operates our vehicles as safely as possible. The in-cab technology is designed to highlight safe driving and increases awareness of:

  • the impact of distractions
  • maintaining safe following distances
  • reducing harsh accelerating
  • seat belt safety
  • reducing traffic violation

A camera is fitted to the inside of the driver’s cabin and when an event occurs, such as hard braking or swerving, the DriveCam™ will be triggered. The system will capture and upload 12 seconds of footage – eight seconds leading up to the incident and four seconds of video afterwards – to the data management centre located at DriveCam™ headquarters.

The footage is then reviewed to support coaching, education, feedback and training ensuring long-term improvements in driving behaviour across the company.

The results
The installation of DriveCam™ in SUEZ vehicles has proven to be an asset to Drivers with the use of a manual record button to capture near misses or potential incidents caused by other motorists.

Since commencing the installation of DriveCam™ across SUEZ’s fleet, SUEZ has seen a 67 per cent reduction in collisions.

This holistic approach including awareness and coaching has shown to reduce costs associated with vehicle accidents, property damage and fuel usage.



reduction in collisions since installing DriveCam