Saving the planet one boat at a time

Ten years ago, Australia’s largest aluminium boat manufacturer, Telwater, partnered with SUEZ to reduce waste, recycle more and ultimately become more sustainable. Today, with the help of the SUEZ team, Telwater consistently diverts about 77% of its waste from landfill each month.
The challenge

Preserving waterways for marine life and boating enthusiasts

In 2011, Telwater had no recycling program in place, but as a company that encouraged customers to venture out on the water and enjoy nature, it wanted to play its part to reduce landfill waste and protect the natural environment. With about 350 employees at its Coomera factory on the Northern Gold Coast, key to the program’s success was bringing the whole team along on the journey.

Telwater celebrates 10 years of recycling with SUEZ - SUEZ Australia & New Zealand

Credit: SUEZ Australia and New Zealand

Our answer

Navigating the course

of waste recycled each month
of waste diverted from landfill
different waste streams


As a first step to move the sustainability needle, SUEZ provided the Telwater team with waste segregation training. SUEZ Saving the planet one boat at a time Gold Coast boat manufacturer buoyed by 10 years of sustainability success added additional recycling streams to site which now include paper and cardboard, confidential paper, raw and treated timber, paint thinners used machine oil, soft clear plastics, e-waste and oily rags. SUEZ also placed a full-time representative on site dedicated to promoting and overseeing correct waste segregation. Constant waste audits and reporting have kept Telwater anchored in its sustainability goals, as what is measured can be improved.

Another important component of SUEZ’s solution was a detailed supply chain analysis that identified problematic or avoidable waste. SUEZ pinpointed black plastic wrapping as a particularly troublesome waste destined for landfill, so Telwater started working with suppliers to stop it at the source. In addition, Telwater now asks suppliers to avoid sending items encased in excessive retail packaging.

The results

Buoyed by success

• SUEZ and Telwater have celebrated a decade of recycling together, which has kept waterways cleaner and reduced carbon emissions.

• Since 2011, SUEZ has diverted 3,262 tonnes of Telwater’s waste from landfill, which is equivalent to 23 Olympic-sized pools.

• Waste diversion efforts have saved Telwater money in waste levies.

• Telwater has stayed the sustainability course throughout the pandemic, even while undergoing significant growth due to Australians spending more of their recreational dollars locally, rather than on overseas travel.

• Today, Telwater concentrates on ways to reduce the quantity of waste produced per boat manufactured.