Delivering smart industrial water solutions in the Hunter

Operated and maintained by SUEZ, the Kooragang Industrial Water Scheme (KIWS) north of Newcastle is an essential asset for the region’s industrial water sector.
The mission

Replacing drinking water in industrial applications

Water-intensive industries can be a huge drain on clean drinking water supplies.

Securing a sustainable source of recycled water is a crucial in supporting industrial applications and regional growth in the Hunter. KIWS owner represented by Water Utilities Australia (WuA) sought to optimise the plant’s performance, entering into an operation and maintenance agreement to bring SUEZ’s expertise to the task in December 2017.
Our answer

Recycled water for industry

With extensive expertise in delivering industrial water systems right across the globe, SUEZ set to work optimising KIWS’s performance.
SUEZ owns or operates 67 water, wastewater, desalination and water reuse plants and schemes across Australia. In a long-term partnership with WuA in the operation and maintenance of KIWS, we leverage our expertise in delivering industrial water solutions and our strong resource management presence in the region to ensure the KIWS continues to deliver best possible outcomes for its owners, local industry, community and the environment.
The results
Through ongoing excellence in operation and maintenance, KIWS continues to produce up to 3.3 billion litres of high quality recycled water each year, suitable for a wide range of industrial uses. This saves the equivalent volume of precious drinking water, supports industries to flourish and reduces the amount of treated effluent entering the Hunter River.
3.3 Billion


of recycled water production capacity annually