Delivering the world’s largest ultra-violet disinfection facility

Meeting the sanitation needs of Auckland’s 1.2 million residents while rehabilitating and protecting sensitive coastal marine environments demands the latest in technological solutions. SUEZ’s Mangere Wastewater Treatment Plant is up to the challenge.
The mission

Delivering the world’s largest ultra-violet disinfection facility

In Mangere, New Zealand, the existing water treatment facilities were not equipped to meet the municipal wastewater treatment needs of Auckland’s residents into the future. The region required new, more advanced capabilities to better serve the local population and environment.

In 1998, SUEZ subsidiary New Zealand Water Services, in consortium with Fletcher Construction, CH2M Beca and Bovis Lend Lease, was commissioned to design, build, commission and provide operational support for the Mangere Wastewater Treatment Plant on behalf of Watercare Services Limited.
Our answer

Putting technology and expertise to work

An ambitious project needs an innovative approach. The latest in technologies and techniques were at the heart of our comprehensive solution. 

Cutting-edge technologies

The start-up and commissioning of new process units was one of SUEZ’s core responsibilities on the project. Existing facilities were upgraded to advanced treatment standards using the latest in biological nutrient removal treatment technologies. Outmoded sludge lagoons and sludge drying beds were demolished to make way for the new, more advanced plant. 

A full service solution

Working closely with our consortium partners, SUEZ managed the design and build phase between 1998 and 2003. We also provided ongoing operations and maintenance support towards successful completion before transitioning the plant’s management in 2003.

Protecting the coastal marine environment

Mangere Wastewater Treatment Plant is positioned on New Zealand’s coastline, and protecting the sensitive marine ecosystem is paramount. A major component of the project was the decommissioning and restoration of 500 hectares of existing oxidation ponds to the coastal marine environment. 
The results
The project was successfully completed, with Prime Minister Helen Clark officially opening the project on 4 April 2003.

Following a seamless operations and maintenance transition by SUEZ to the plant’s owners, the world’s largest ultra-violet disinfection facility now meets the sanitation needs of more than 1.2 million Auckland residents.
Million Litres per day 
peak wastewater flow capacity



Auckland residents provided with wastewater treatment services