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Driving reliable, sustainable and cost-effective water services for the power industry

At Vales Point Power Station in Mannering Park on the New South Wales Central Coast, SUEZ’s advanced water solutions are making an undisputable impact on the sustainability of the plant’s operations.
The mission

Driving reliable, sustainable and cost-effective water services for the power industry

Generating power can come at a significant cost to Australia’s natural water resources. At Vales Point Power Station, enhancing the performance of the on-site water reclamation plant was critical to reducing the power station’s operational reliance on fresh water.

SUEZ signed a contract with Delta Electricity in May 2014 to operate and maintain the $7 million water reclamation plant.
Our answer

Enhancing operational efficiency and sustainability

With an initial two year operations and maintenance contract term from 2014 until 2016, SUEZ set to work applying our expertise in advanced industrial water solutions.

The contract encompassed the delivery of new membranes, the supply of chemicals, and overall operation, remote monitoring and management of the facility. It represented SUEZ’s first water services contract for the power industry in Australia.
The results

The solutions put in place by SUEZ have significantly reduced the volume of fresh water required to run the power station by purifying effluent from the Mannering Park sewage treatment works for reuse. This supports the continued positive sustainability impact of the water reclamation plant and demonstrates our expanding expertise as an industrial water service provider to industries throughout Australia.


Million Litres per day

of purified water delivered to meet the plant’s operational needs
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