From good to great: Aroona Alliance

Engaged partners working towards shared challenges can accomplish great things. The Aroona Alliance’s Good to Great strategy provides a clear pathway for improving the delivery of water and wastewater services for the residents of Perth and Mandurah.
The mission

The power of three

The Water Corporation is the principal supplier of water and wastewater services to more than 1.9 million people across Western Australia’s Perth and Mandurah regions. Its complex operation covers an extensive network of water and wastewater treatment plants and recycling facilities, along with 13 dams, 200 bores and 520 kilometres of trunk mains. Seeking an integrated, partnership-based delivery model, the Water Corporation joined forces with SUEZ and Broadspectrum in July 2012, and the Aroona Alliance was born.

The Aroona Alliance is realising significant efficiency and performance gains across the Water Corporation’s assets.

Our answer

A shared vision

The Aroona Alliance launched its five-year Good to Great strategy in early 2014 to guide and challenge the partnership to deliver beyond its contractual requirements.

The strategy sets out a clear path to meeting and exceeding the six key service objectives of the contract, including improved safety, compliance and efficiency, best practice asset and information management, and enhanced employee engagement and capability. Area-specific approaches and action plans are regularly reviewed to proactively respond to the evolving economic climate, and ideas and innovations to drive improvements are encouraged across the team at all levels and locations.

A five-year sustainable savings target of $25 million was embedded in the strategy’s KPIs.

One-team culture

Underpinning the success of the strategy is a one-team culture embedded through a performance-based agreement. The team defines shared criteria and measures of success across all areas of operational and financial performance.

Aroona’s risk/reward structure means that each partner organisation shares in the common benefits and is jointly responsible for risks, inspiring everyone to bring their very best to the table.

The strategy is clearly communicated across the business; everyone knows their role and plays their part in its successful delivery.
The results

Delivering value

Just two years in, the strategy has already guided the partnership to new heights, achieving 100 per cent compliance across drinking water and wastewater quality indexes and making significant safety gains.

With $31 million in sustainable savings already achieved in the first four years, exceeding the KPI targets, the partnership is firmly focused on identifying new opportunities for efficiency and excellence.
31 Million


in sustainable savings in FOUR years