SUEZ is a leader in the resource revolution, championing sustainable resource management and supporting a circular economic model that secures the future of our planet and its people.
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Recycling tips

Resources to guide smart recycling practices

Recycling doesn’t take up much time, but it can make a significant impact on the environment now and into the future. Each material has unique collection and treatment requirements to make the best use of the resources within.
SUEZ recycling fact sheets
Recycling fact sheets

Improve your knowledge of the recycling process

Our comprehensive fact sheets explore the consumption, recycling and reuse of a wide range of everyday materials.
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Learn about waste streams

Every time an item that you throw away gets sent to landfill, valuable resources that went into making it are wasted – energy, water and any number of finite natural resources such as trees, oil and coal. Without harnessing these resources, the world relies on taking more raw materials from the environment to manufacture new products.