Co-mingled Recycling

The everyday items you throw away can be recycled into new products and resources. Recycling co-mingled items prevents precious resources from being sent to landfill and gives your waste a second life.
Facts about co-mingled recyclables
tonnes of plastic leak
into the ocean every year


of all recyclable items are placed
in the wrong bin, ending up in landfill

What is co-mingled waste?

Co-mingled recycling is made up of a mix of everyday items including glass bottles and jars, plastic containers as well as aluminium and steel cans.


What goes in the co-mingled recycling bin


  • Milk & juice cartons
  • Plastic bottles & containers
  • Glass bottles & jars
  • Aluminium & steel cans
  • Recyclable packaging



  • Broken glass & ceramics
  • Drinking glassware
  • Food & garden organics
  • Polystyrene
  • Electronics
  • Plastic bags


Acceptance criteria varies across States and Territories.

Bin and container options

Where does co-mingled recycling go?

Co-mingled recycling goes into the yellow-lidded bin.

What happens to co-mingled recycling?

Co-mingled Recycling is sent to one of our material recycling facilities where it goes through a range of automated processes to screen, decontaminate, sort and bale each material stream.


Once the items have been sorted and baled into their specific streams, they are then sent to manufacturers for reprocessing into new products.