Product Destruction

Secure destruction of products unsuitable for sale protects brands, businesses, their customers and the environment. SUEZ works with manufacturers, importers, retailers, warehouses and other businesses to securely dispose of products and recover useful resources.
Safe and secure

What types of materials are suitable for product destruction?

There are a wide range of products that require secure destruction, and SUEZ has dedicated facilities and processes to handle them all.

When products or materials are sensitive or become contaminated, out-of-date, obsolete, recalled or illegal, it is important to dispose of them for the safety and security of people and the planet. Any number of items can fall into this category, from pharmaceuticals and cosmetics to clothing, food and beverage products, papers, toys, electronics and more.

Our processes

Confidence that the job is done right

SUEZ handles the full spectrum of product destruction, offering our customers a hassle-free service they can trust.

We take care of everything, from collection and transportation to the secure destruction and disposal of materials, with guaranteed security and transparency from start to finish. Our specialised technology allows us to treat different materials in optimal ways.


We also help large logistics facilities meet ISO 140001 Environmental Management requirements.

Recovering value

Extracting resources for reuse

Many of the products sent for destruction contain resources that can be recovered for re-use in new products, meaning less waste to landfill and reduced pressure on natural resources.

With our advanced facilities and expertise in recycling and recovery, SUEZ recovers as many valuable resources as possible during the product destruction process. Any non-recyclable components are compacted and disposed of under strict supervision.
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Good for business

Protecting your customers and your brand

Discarding unwanted products carelessly can damage your brand and jeopardise the safety and privacy of your customers.

When products or materials need to be removed from the marketplace, businesses must be absolutely certain that they won’t reappear in the future. SUEZ has stringent processes in place to ensure that no item slips through the cracks, with all products awaiting destruction held in a secure 24-hour video bonded area safeguarded by trained guard dogs and on-site alarms.


Transparency is an important factor in the trust our customers place in us. A Product Destruction Assurance Certificate is issued at the conclusion of each and every service, detailing the type, quantity remission numbers and destruction date

Our innovation

Towards 100% recycling of packaged goods

Suez's award-winning de-packaging unit provides an innovative solution to the challenge of separating products from packing materials for processing.