E-waste or electronic waste is any item with a battery or a plug, such as a TV or a computer, that is no longer used or working. Some types of e-waste can be accepted at SUEZ facilities for recycling.
About e-waste

E-waste often contains toxic and hazardous materials such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and brominated fire retardants. Items containing these substances are damaging to the environment and should not be sent to landfill. Some items, such as computers, can also contain valuable metals such as gold and copper. If disposed of correctly, the recyclable components can be recovered for re-use and hazardous materials can be treated appropriately.

E-waste collection

Some SUEZ facilities will accept deliveries of household quantities of certain types of E-waste. Charges may apply for some items – contact Customer Service on 1300 651 116 for more information.


Free e-waste drop off points are now open at selected SUEZ sites in NSW and Victoria, allowing householders and small business to take their old or unwanted televisions, computers and associated computer products to be recycled free of charge.


What's accepted?

What's not accepted?

All televisions

Mobile phones

TV remote controls

DVD players

Computer monitors

Game consoles (Xbox/Playstation)

Laptops, iPads and similar tablets

Video recorders/DVD players

Speakers, headphones


Cables & IT accessories

Power tools

Keyboards, computer mice, joysticks
Appliances e.g. microwaves, fridges
Printers, scanners & web cameras
Products exposed to radiation & chemical hazards
Motherboards Digital set top boxes
The following SUEZ sites are part of the program:

For drop-off sites, opening hours, and acceptance criteria please call SUEZ on 1300 651 116 or go to www.dropzone.org.au

Recycling alternatives

What else can I do with my e-waste?

Some Councils offer an e-waste collection at nominated times throughout the year. Check with your local council for more information on safe ways to dispose of your household waste.

Please visit our locations page to find a public drop-off facility near you.