Steel Cans

Steel cans come in a range of sizes, and include food cans, coffee, oil, paint tins and aerosol cans. Steel bottle tops and steel jam jar lids are often also accepted by companies that accept steel cans, but make sure you check first before delivering these items.
Steel Cans Disposal

Will SUEZ accept my steel cans?

Most steel cans, bottle tops and jam jar lids are accepted for recycling at nominated SUEZ facilities in Metropolitan Sydney. Conditions sometimes apply for cans which contained oil, paint or other chemicals. Please contact our Sydney Customer Service Centre on 1300 651 116.


Before delivering steel cans, please:

  • Remove the lid completely.
  • Rinse the can thoroughly.
  • Press the can flat near the top of the can (this saves space and prevents injury to those sorting).
  • Place the cans out for collection.


If you’re also dropping off bottle tops or jam jar lids, please ensure you place only steel lids inside steel cans – place any aluminium bottle tops inside aluminium cans instead, and drop these off separately. You can use a magnet to determine which lids are steel and which are aluminium – a magnet will stick to steel, but it won’t stick to aluminium.

Commercial and Industrial customers please call 13 13 35 for more information on SITA’s services.

Please visit our locations page to find a public drop-off facility near you.
Recycling alternatives

What else can I do with my steel cans?

Most Councils accept steel cans which were used for food or drinks in kerbside recycling bins, and often bottle tops, jam jar lids and aerosol cans can also be accepted too – contact your Council to find out.

Alternatively, many scrap metal dealers will also be happy to accept large quantities of steel items, and might even pay you for the material.

More information about steel cans can be found on the CanSmart website.