Sump Oil

About Sump Oil

Around 500 million litres of lubricating oil is sold in Australia each year. Disposing of used oil the wrong way has the potential to pollute land, water and infrastructure. It is also illegal to dump used motor oil in garbage bins, down kitchen sinks and storm drains, into sewers or rivers or on the ground.


Used oil, or ‘sump oil’ as it is sometimes called, should not be thrown away. Although it gets dirty, used oil can still be cleaned and re-used. In fact, recycled used oil can be used as an industrial burner fuel, hydraulic oil, incorporated into other products or re-refined back into new lubricating oil which can often be of even higher quality than it was before it was first used.

Sump Oil Disposal

Will SUEZ accept my sump oil?


Small quantities of sump oil can be dropped off at nominated SUEZ facilities. Please call our Customer Service Centre on 13 13 35 for our site locations. Householders should also contact their local council for details on facilities available for safe sump oil disposal.



Commercial or bulk amounts of sump oil can be easily collected and safely disposed of by SUEZ at licensed disposal or recycling facilities.

Please visit our locations page to find a public drop-off facility near you or check your local council.