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SUEZ has more than 150 years expertise and experience in the water and waste sectors, leading in the efficient and sustainable management of resources across all five continents.

Our ambition

Leading the resource revolution

Demographic and urban growth, global warming and declining natural resources have driven a worldwide shift to a less resource-intensive growth model. Transforming the way we manage, produce and consume resources is at the very heart of our strategy, driving our ambition to become the leader of the resource revolution.

Our strategy

The four growth accelerators

The world is changing and natural resource scarcity is a growing challenge. At SUEZ, we’re committed to smart and sustainable management of water resources, the treatment and recovery of waste and supporting our customers to respond to their unique environmental issues.

Our strategy is based on four key priorities:

Transitioning waste recovery towards a circular economy
Digitalisation and the deployment of smart solutions
Development of integrated offers for industrial customers
International development
Our global footprint

More than 90,000 employees engaging in the resource revolution worldwide

SUEZ is active on all five continents, supporting and enabling local authorities and industry in the efficient, innovative and sustainable management of their resources.

Our history

150 years of history at the service of human progress

For more than 150 years, SUEZ has worked tirelessly to advance human progress. We have been an integral part of some of the most significant revolutions in our society, from the construction of the Suez Canal through to transformative leaps in hygiene and public health, urban comfort and resource management. Our solutions and technologies have empowered cities and industries to meet the evolving challenges of urban and demographic growth. 

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