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Our ambition

Demographic and urban growth, global warming and declining natural resources have driven a worldwide shift towards a less resource-intensive growth model. Transforming the way we manage, produce and consume resources is at the very heart of our strategy, driving our ambition to become the leader of the resource revolution.

A new revolution

We’re ready for the resource revolution. Are you?

By 2050, Earth will be home to 9.6 billion inhabitants, predominantly based in our in cities. Forty per cent of the population will live in zones exposed to hydric stress, while sources of minerals such as zinc, iron and copper will be nearing exhaustion.  

Rising to the challenges that cities face – such as climate change and exponential population growth – means questioning traditional modes and reinventing our approach to the management, production and consumption of resources. SUEZ must also address the challenges facing our industry and lead the shift to sustainable business growth models.

With 150 years’ expertise in water and waste, SUEZ is fully engaged in the resource revolution. We’re harnessing our capacity for innovation and taking a radical new approach to resource optimisation that exploits the full potential of digital technologies. We want this innovation capacity to encourage recycling, recovering and producing secondary raw materials and alternative resources. To achieve this, we will support our customers to transition from a linear model, which over-consumes resources, to a circular model that aims to recycle and recover them for future use.

These resources are essential to life and to our collective future. As a leader in the resource revolution, SUEZ is deeply committed to creating innovative solutions and sustainable models that create value for our customers. For SUEZ, the resource revolution must be:
Aiming to regenerate resources essential to life and to the future according to the principles of a circular economy.
Involving tangible and innovative actions to secure resources.
Engaging everyone to contribute, each to their full potential, to better manage and secure resources for the future.
The challenges of a faster-moving world

We need to do more with less

Growing urbanisation, worldwide demographic shifts and the impacts of global warming are depleting our resources. In the future, more of us will have to share fewer materials. The drive to protect the environment is gathering momentum, even in emerging countries. New growth models are crucial.
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