SUEZ is leading the way in delivering smart and sustainable resource management solutions right across Australia and New Zealand

About us

SUEZ in Australia & New Zealand 

SUEZ is the leader in smart, sustainable resource management solutions, relied on by businesses, governments and communities across Australia, New Zealand and around the world.
Our key people

Delivering outcomes through strong leadership

SUEZ in Australia & New Zealand is guided by a strong executive team, responsible for leading our business to deliver the highest quality outcomes for our customers and the environment.

Spread across Australia & New Zealand

We have more than 100 sites and facilities offering convenient and technologically-advanced solutions to meet the waste and water management needs of millions of people

Our facilities

Creating new resources

SUEZ has more than 100 sites and facilities across Australia for the creation of new water and waste resources.
Our policies

Committed to safety

Our commitment to environmentally responsible waste management and the safety of our employees and the wider community is embedded in SUEZ’s policies.
Environmental reporting

List of SUEZ environmental reports

SUEZ is committed to minimising environmental impact, operating in accordance with relevant legislation and licence conditions and conducting regular monitoring and auditing.