Peter Hudson

Peter Hudson

Vice President R&R Sales and Customers

As Vice President for Sales and Customers, Peter is responsible for leading, managing, growing and developing all of our Business activity in our Australia and New Zealand Recycling and Recovery Business.  Peter has 23 years experience managing publicly listed multinational waste businesses with an average 23.8% average EBIT growth per annum over this period.


Internationally, Peter has lead waste businesses in Europe and has significantly grown businesses in the largest Markets in Australia.


Peter has overseen significant growth in SUEZ and often works with government providing advice contributing to the development of policy.  Peter was also elected by his peers in the industry to be President and Chairman of the Waste and Recycling Industry Association of QLD.  Peter is a member of the LNP Presidents Club and the ALP Business Partnership Network and maintains positive dialogue with each party around key challenges facing industry and suggested solutions.


Executive MBA qualified Peter is a member of the SUEZ Australia and New Zealand executive committee and the SUEZ Leadership Team.