Alternative Fuels Facility - SUEZ and ResourceCo Partnership

Our SUEZ-ResourceCo Alternative Fuels facility is the first of its kind in Australia, transforming waste into Processed Engineered Fuel (PEF) as a substitute for coal and gas in high combustion facilities.
Key figures

Up to 95


of waste diverted from landfill
of alternative fuels created every year
Our SUEZ ResourceCo Alternative Fuels facility

What is this facility and how does it work?

Dry materials such as mixed plastics, timbers and textiles are a recoverable resource with a high level of embedded energy that can be used in the production of alternative fuel.

At our SUEZ-ResourceCo Alternative Fuels facility, these dry items are turned into alternative fuels for use in existing power stations or cement kilns. The feedstock materials are sourced from construction activities, refurbishments and site fit-outs, manufacturing facilities and other pre-sorted waste streams.


The PEF produced from these materials has significant calorific value. It also offers substantial carbon and renewable energy benefits, including a reduction in fossil fuel use and landfill emissions and the capacity to secure renewable energy certificates.



Our locations

Where can I find a SUEZ-ResourceCo Alternative Fuels facility?

Our SUEZ-ResourceCo Alternative Fuels facility in Adelaide is the first one of its kind in Australia.


 Adelaide SUEZ-ResourceCo Alternative Fuels Facility
 Wilkins Road, Wingfield SA 5013  13 13 35