Why send your waste to landfill when it can fuel your business goals? Our Suez-ResourceCo Alternative Fuels Facility in Adelaide is the first of its kind in Australia. It’s uniquely designed to turn your commercial, industrial, construction and demolition waste into an alternative fuel that in turn provides financial, operational and sustainability gains for both you as the waste producer and the end-user.
One of Australia’s highest diversion rates

Creating valuable new resources from waste

At SUEZ-ResourceCo, our innovative advanced technologies transform your waste into Processed Engineered Fuel (PEF). This sustainable source of energy replaces coal and gas in high combustion facilities, saving your on energy costs and reducing your environmental impact.

We recover both combustible and non-combustible materials found in your dry waste. This means we recycle or reuse at least 95 per cent of materials that would otherwise go to landfill.

That’s one of Australia’s highest possible diversion rates.

Key figures

Up to 95


of waste diverted from landfill

of alternative fuels created every year
of raw materials can be processed annually
Our solutions

Unparalleled diversion rates for your business

Right across South Australia, sites and facilities are reducing landfill and harnessing the value in their waste through our sustainable waste management solutions. By putting your waste to good use, we make it simple and cost-effective for you to avoid solid waste levies, realise efficiencies and boost your environmental performance.


Behind every solution we offer your business is a commitment to the waste hierarchy, which promotes reuse and recycling of unwanted resources over disposal in landfill. Food waste becomes organic mulch and compost. Glass, metals and plastics are returned to the manufacturing process. Dry general waste becomes a new alternative fuel source.

The SUEZ Resource Co difference

A powerful source in renewable energy

The product of an industry-leading joint venture with ResourceCo, our Alternative Fuels Facility in South Australia is the nation’s first commercially operating PEF alternative fuels plant and a giant innovation leap in waste management.


PEF the fuel is created by converting dry waste from the commercial, industrial, construction and demolition sectors – a mix of timber, metals, plastics, cardboard, paper, concrete, bricks and rubble – into a high caloric and recyclable energy source for high combustion industrial facilities.


The clean-burning EPA-compliant fuel source is used by companies like Adelaide Brighton Cement, enabling it to reduce reliance on harmful fossil fuels and cut its gas consumption by 30 per cent.


Now our Sydney metropolitan customers can also benefit from this advanced technology to achieve their resource recovery targets. We’ve already helped Macarthur Regional Organisation of Councils improve its overall diversion and achieve resource recovery rates of around 70 per cent.

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Customised solutions

A single source for all your waste management needs

Not all dry waste is combustible, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t found a beneficial reuse option for it. SUEZ-ResourceCo recycles or recovers one hundred per cent of all materials we salvage. Where possible, inert fractions are processed for civil construction reuse, becoming road bases, synthetic sports fields, bike tracks and more.


If your waste contains organic materials such as garden waste or food scraps, it’s not immediately suitable for making PEF. But we can still deliver astonishing diversion results for your business. SUEZ partners with you to develop bespoke solutions for your on-site waste separation, enabling us to convert your dry waste to PEF and your organics to compost. You enjoy greater diversion rates and cost savings while helping lower emissions and protect Australia’s soil systems.

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Where can I find a SUEZ-ResourceCo Alternative Fuels facility?

Our flagship facility in Adelaide is the first of its kind, leading the way for sustainable, technologically advanced waste solutions.
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