With a history in the water and waste sectors stretching  back over 160 years  SUEZ is working on all 5 continents in the service of an efficient and sustainable management of resources.
A worldwide leader

Our ambition: preserve and restore the planet’s natural capital

We’ve been experts in water and waste management for 150 years. We operate on 5 continents, on which we harness all our desire for innovation to achieve an efficient and sustainable management of resources throughout the world. Our company supports its customers as they change from a linear model, which over consumes resources, to a circular model, aiming to recycle and recover them for future use.
Innovating for the future

Partnering with customers to find new and sustainable growth

We put our customers and clients first in all that we do, and constantly look for better ways to meet their needs. We don’t rest on past successes, but always challenge ourselves to create the most sustainable processes, solutions and services.
A committed group

Providing answers to major global challenges

Tackling climate change, inventing new models that reconcile growth and resource protection, taking action to promote equal opportunities, and developing access to essential services…We provide solutions to address these major challenges that engage the future of men and women and the planet.