A committed group

Tackling climate change, inventing new models that reconcile growth and resource protection, taking action to promote equal opportunities, and developing access to essential service. We provide solutions to address these major challenges that engage the future of men and women and the planet.
For the planet

Fighting climate change

For us, fighting climate change is of the utmost importance. In our roadmap 2017-2021, we have set ourselves 13 objectives for climate.

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Preserving biodiversity

Pollution from human activities and changes in ecosystems are contributing to the reduction in biodiversity around the world. As a responsible company we’ve committed to preserve biodiversity with a concrete action plan.

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Safeguarding the oceans

The safeguarding of the oceans is played out on land. Today we command the technologies to collect, recycle and recover plastics and wastewater. To transform this waste into resources is to enter into the circular economy. Thanks to this new model, the preservation of the oceans becomes possible.

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For the people

Supporting vulnerable populations

We are committed to supporting disadvantaged people and boosting social integration of vulnerable people through our work in France and around the world.

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Insuring equal opportunities and diversity

An important indicator of corporate social responsibility, equal opportunity lies at the heart of the Group’s social performance. It is ensured through a structured, long-term plan supported by committed employees and a proactive management team.

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Contributing to regions' economic development

We add to balanced and sustainable development of different regions by working with stakeholders crucial to their development and vitality: SMEs, integration organizations, disabled workers sector,  social and solidarity economy players.

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Supporting the right to water and sanitation

We fulfill our role in promoting and enforcing the right to clean water and sanitation services. Our expertise enables us to offer a full range of solutions in response to all issues faced by both developed and developing countries.

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Spreading and sharing our know-how

Given the growing complexity of the issues, regional projects must increasingly be administered  with a collective mindset. We must place a great deal of importance on knowledge sharing.

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Committed to health and safety

Keeping our people safe and well is our top priority. We believe that all injuries, incidents and accidents are preventable and we’re proud of our exceptional safety record.

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Our means of action
Road map

Our 2017-2021 roadmap

The new 2017-2021 roadmap was designed following  widespread internal and external consultation with over 5,000 stakeholders. The Roadmap is both a driver for change within the Group and a management tool.
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