Innovating for the future

We put our customers and clients first in all that we do, and constantly look for better ways to meet their needs. We don’t rest on past successes, but always challenge ourselves to create the most sustainable processes, solutions and services.
Innovating for our customers

Working with customers to find sustainable growth models

Our strategy is founded on an ambitious purpose to shape a sustainable environment now. We deliver services and solutions that help customers achieve their environmental goals.
Transforming waste into secondary raw materials

Transforming waste into value

The creation of secondary raw materials is at the heart of the new circular economy. It’s a way of coping with the increasing scarcity of natural resources and rising raw materials costs. We’re innovating to accelerate recycling and offer real world solutions to our customers.
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Protecting air quality

In 2018, the WHO warned that nine people out of 10 worldwide breathe polluted air, and that the inhabitants of the world’s megacities are particularly exposed. SUEZ is rising to this challenge, which is one of the major concerns of local authorities and industry, by developing innovative solutions that improve air quality by using new technologies and drawing inspiration from nature. 
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Contributing to the emergence of the sustainable agriculture of the future

The environmental transition, new diets, demands for traceability, demographic growth, the need for protein... All these challenges will determine the future of agriculture at a time when the transition to a circular economy is vital.

SUEZ is innovating to provide farmers will global and integrated solutions that will improve the management of the resources.

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Our innovation ecosystem

Internal research meets open innovation

Our innovation policy is based on various programs and projects managed internally, and with a strong commitment to open innovation, in order to shorten development cycles and to reduce time-to-market of our products and services. We invest AUD $175 Million in research and development into leading edge technology and sustainable solutions every year.

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invested in R&D

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Our technological tests

We adopt a partnership-based approach with third-party companies through technological tests. These tests ensure that innovative solutions, regardless of whether they are provided by partners that are
start-ups, large groups or small to medium-sized enterprises, are tested under industrial conditions.
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Our international partnerships

We maintain long-term privileged relationships with numerous high-level scientific and technical players from different backgrounds: academic partnerships (University of Barcelona - Spain, Chinese Academy of Science etc.), international network (Global Water Research Coalition, Climate-KIC etc.) and French innovation and skills networks.
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